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Teacher's supersized crayons

Teacher's supersized crayons

This classic crayon shape is the perfect way to finish off a day. 2 hidden colours explode out of both crayons for fun bath art. Treat the teacher or nursery staff with this bomb. Lots of foamy coloured safe fun in a sweet popular scent. These bombs are one of our biggest yet!

  • Maker Info

    These bombs were made by me (Jen of Boddle Bath)! I am now a fully assessed bath bomb maker with all the legal PIF files and portal registers that go with it. If you have any questions or bespoke requests please feel free to message me via our social media channels or through the website.

  • Storage Best Practice

    Bath bombs are fickle creatures that do not like sunlight (they tend to fade the colours) or heat and moisture (they get bumpy spots like a rash or go soft and turn to dust) So placing them in a lovely open display dish on the window cill of your bathroom is not a good plan (other than for that insta photo... we see you ;)

    Please place your delightful beauties into an airtight container like a takeaway container or the kids lunch box. Then find a spot in the house thats at an even cool temperature, perhaps the back of the wardrobe or understair cupboard. Sprinkling rice or those silica bead sachets you find in new shoes at the bottom of the box is great practice as they will absorb any moisture that might get into the box. 

    This is majorly important if you select the eco-friendly paper bag option for packaging our bombs instead of shrink wrap.  Our bath bombs are assessed for use 12 months after production however I would advice using them within 4-6 months if stored correctly. Outside of shrink wrap that life span will reduce dramatically, to a couple weeks in open air or a month in the container. So please only pick it if you will be using them regularly within the month ideally. 

  • Ingredients

    For full explaination of our ingredients please refer to the "what's in our bombs" page of the website. Ingredients are listed on the back of every bomb and that label is in the photos of this listing. However they are here in order of highest to lowest ratio and with the more common names in brackets for you.

    1. Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda)
    2. Citric Acid 
    3. Parfum (Fragrance Oil)
    4. Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil)
    5. Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSa)
    6. Polysorbate 80 
    7. Kaolin Clay
    8. CI xxx (colour index water soluble dye or mica paint numbers) 
Scent: Random scent

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