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Welcome to the Boddle Box Gang!

Hello new member!

Everything about your new subscription is explained below and to control any element of your plan click the button to enter your subscription dashboard hosted on subbly.

Pause / Skip

Once you have received three boxes of products, you have the option to skip a box or take a few months off if you have accumulated too many products, or if you prefer to use the shower instead of taking a bath during the summer months. You will not be charged until you decide to return. To pause your subscription, simply click on the "manage" button and select the "pause" option.

Loyalty Discount

If you began with a 3-month plan at a higher price point, once you receive your 6th box, I will transfer you to a 6-month plan with a lower price point. This does not mean that you are starting a new commitment period. Instead, it is a loyalty reward that allows you to enjoy a discounted monthly fee, similar to other members who have committed to a longer-term plan.

Swap between pamper / craft

You have the option to switch between different choices to customize your experience based on your family's preferences for each theme. If you need any clarification on the information in the following box, please feel free to contact me on any of our social media platforms. All of the crafts are designed for younger children or can be completed with the assistance of an adult for cutting and gluing. To make changes to your selections, click on "manage" and then "update choices."

Downgrade your plan

There are hidden bi-monthly and smaller basic box versions of the Boddle Box available if you are finding the current plan too much. These will appear on your dashboard under manage plan once you have received your first box. Or contact me directly if you would like to switch and I can manually move you over

Commitment Period Ends...

Once you finish your commitment period of three or six boxes, you'll be switched to a rolling monthly plan. You'll remain with us and your payment will be automatically charged every month, so you don't need to worry about it. Although you're free to leave at any time and come back when your circumstances change, please note that prices increase every quarter. If you do leave, you'll lose your current price point and guaranteed slot.

Upgrade your plan

If the kids wont share the box with each other? or do you want goodies too? or are you just running out before your next box arrives? There are many add to box options available itemised below... 

Sophie behind sept space subbox and free gift - no bg

Secret Deals

On your Subbly subscription dashboard, you'll always find new and exciting add-on packages that are exclusively available to subscribers or offered to you first. Some of these packages even have discounts! You can add them as a one-time package or as a permanent add-on, like an extra 1kg of dust.

I chat about these options in depth in the VIP facebook group so make sure you are in that so you don't miss anything

Add to Box - Straight from the website. Create a cart & checkout with the 'addon' free postage option

Contact me

Want help with anything? Contacting me on either social platform is the quickest way to get a response or fill out the form below and I'll get back to you in due course.

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