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Put fun & colour
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Buy wholesale bath bombs and dust from Boddle Bath to bring skin loving, fun bathtimes to every single customer.


How to order

View our full catalogue and prices on Faire. Order through that platform and get your free credits.
The deal only lasts for 30days once you click and register via my link. If your credits expire i can reinstate them for a couple days to let you check out 1 time. I will only see your order once Faire has fully finished its verification process with you. I have no influence on that section so please keep checking your emails and answering their further questions if neccasary.


No problem! Once youve viewed our catalogue on Faire and you have a shopping list, send a screenshot or a message across and we can create a custom listing on this website with a total figure for you to checkout.

You will be placed in the queue with the faire orders so turnaround remains the same. Postage is via UPS which starts at £12 tracked next day. No Faire credits or promotions can be transferred over here. 


Any issues with the Faire process or to process an order manually on here? No problem just ask away! Ive been a buyer and seller on Faire so i can walk you through most issues. 

Thanks for submitting!


All the bath bombs on the wholesale side are currently made by myself and my dad. We have turned into a slick team that can mould 100 bombs on average every Sunday. These then sit on the drying rack while they firm up and I then spend the next few evenings hand painting and shrink wrapping each one until these batches are safely packed up and ready to be posted out each Thursday.


If you order 50-100 bombs and we have no orders infront of yours then it can take 1-2 weeks to create and ship yours depending how many colours and fragrances you have picked (the more differences the more seperate batches are needed). 


Looking for a quick turnaround time?

Pick the surprise ball, surprise puck or/and the bath dust listings instead of creating a custom order. We usually have extra mix from other orders infront of yours so you can skip the queue by picking these. As soon as we have filled a full box we will alway split your order on Faire and ship out asap instead of holding onto your stock until the last piece is ready so you can start selling them and making money! (provided you have free shipping enabled, otherwise your order will be shipped once together.) 

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