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I am Jen. Mum to 9 year old Sophie and wife to Mr Grumpy. We live in Uddingston just outside of Glasgow. I've worked in big and small retail for over 13 years.

I started Boddle Bath in 2019 as a way to escape everything and have something for myself. I find making and painting the bombs very therapeutic. I love connecting with other bath lovers and networking with local businesses too.

I went fulltime in Boddle Bath in February 2024 and its been the best decision ever.

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My Mission

In 2019 I was simply a mummy on a mission to find a bath bomb that my daughter could use without getting itchy skin but still be big and colourful. I did a lot of research as she was driving me potty asking for bath bombs from the high street that I knew would result in the itch. 

My search took me into the handmade marketplace and we tested a LOT of makers bombs. I now have a fully tested recipe by a chartered chemist that solves both problems and is jam packed with skin loving ingredients that leave the water silky smooth. I make all the bath bombs myself and hold assessments for over 48 fragrances plus a full rainbow of colours too.

I've recently became assessed for a range of handmade soaps and bubble bars I have created with very similar ingredients to my bath bombs. They also respect and moisturise the skin. 

Since I make all the products myself I have full flexibility in what I create so if you have a custom request in mind please do get in touch.


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