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Content Creator Collaborations

Thank you for your interest, please read our requirements below and fill out the form if you believe we are a good fit to work together. 

We have 3 boxes per monthly theme for content creators like you. We rotate through different creators each month to keep it fair. All details are kept on file for future boxes. We don't care about your following size only that your profile is public. We value more the quality of your photography, genuine emotions from your kids, and a personal relationship. We only put previously successful creators on the waitlist for our Quarter 4 boxes.

May 24 Bug Box behind the scenes

How it works

After receiving your box, please send us the necessary content within two weeks. You don't need to edit everything perfectly, just send us the raw content first (especially videos - before you add text overlays). This will allow us to use content in multiple ways if needed. We will be setting up email campaigns and meta ads for that theme in the background before it goes public. If we usually chat on Instagram, feel free to send the content via messages. For large files, please send them to

We require that you share about the box on your main feed, preferably through a reel, but we'll accept carousel posts if reels aren't your thing. Please keep the theme's contents under wraps until our subscribers have received their boxes, which is usually around the 9th. When you receive your box, we expect you to share at least one story and reshare our grid post when we use your content. The more you share, the more we'll reciprocate.

Examples of photos we are looking for

Examples of videos we are looking for

We are very open to new reel ideas, as a content creator you will often know what trends better than a product based brand. However we ask that you involve the following elements as a minimum:

 - Show the boddle box

- Positive real reactions from kids. We understand this can be tough! Unfortunately we cant use content where the kid is reading from a script or obviously wants to be elsewhere. 

- Showcase at least 1 bath bomb in the bath hopefully with bath art if it's playing ball. If you ask over socials we can advise which bomb will have the best rainbows to give you the best chance filming.

The first video with violet and the big art palette is our best performing meta ad yet! So something along those lines wouldn't be a bad place to start for inspiration.

Collab Video Examples

Collab Video Examples

Collab Video Examples
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Violet's Unboxing BEST performing ad video: Jan '23

Violet's Unboxing BEST performing ad video: Jan '23

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Katie & Roux of The Tradie Wife Unboxing: Spring '23

Katie & Roux of The Tradie Wife Unboxing: Spring '23

Play Video
Theo's unboxing of May's Bug Box

Theo's unboxing of May's Bug Box

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More information so we can pair you with the right box

Can you share examples of your product photography or/and bath bomb related content you have created in the past

Upload File

Thanks for applying!
We’ll be in contact via email when a position arises.

Please be aware we have at least 10 new applications for every 1 box we can send out plus our existing collab partners so we can't reply to everyone but will keep you on file.

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