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These bombs are made with the same ingredients as the rest of the range and provide the same great fun colourful experience in the bath... however they haven't met the quality standards for appearances. Could have a small hairline crack while setting. Could have small bubbles on the surface which happens when drying. Could be a new mold that has test runs of hand painting finishes. Could be nothing wrong with it at all, just the wrong season. Could be some bigger cracks inside. Or perhaps smudged hand painting Therefore they aren't part of the normal range but they are available to you for up to 40% cheaper! Not suitable for gifts but very good value everyday bath bombs for your own use. They will be selected at random from the ready to post whoopies. They will not match the photos as these are just an example.

If the quality issue has arrived whilst it was on the drying rack then they won't be painted and will be inside an eco-friendly glassine bag like the photos.

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