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Infinity Dust with Light Cube

Infinity Dust with Light Cube

This tub of "space dust" has a special super hero cube hidden inside!

Just dissolve in bath along with some colourful space dust for fun colours then it reveals a CE tested flashing light. The light is reusable in another bath, just dry it off to switch off.

The dust and rocks might have set solid in the tub but a quick squish on the outside with the lid off will crumble the dust if u want to use it sparingly across a few kids baths. Or let them dissolve it inside the tube for fun bath volcanos too!

Dust with come in random colours and scents. Pictures are only examples

  • Maker Info

    These bombs were made by me (Jen of Boddle Bath)! I am now a fully assessed bath bomb maker with all the legal PIF files and portal registers that go with it. If you have any questions or bespoke requests please feel free to message me via our social media channels or through the website.

Scent: Random scent

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