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9 Colour Bullet Refill

9 Colour Bullet Refill

This is a paper bag filled with 9 ‘colour bullets’. These are designed for 2 to be used per bath so a very economical way to have a colourful bath.

Please note these mini bombs have a much higher dye % in them so are just designed to be plopped into hot water then when fully dispersed you can enjoy the colourful waters. Any attempt to hold them whilst they fizz will result in a temporary transformation into a colourful smurf. This effect is short term like felt tips and will wear off with washing.

The nature of these bombs being naked means they will be more susceptible to the wet or cold atmosphere, so can appear crumbly over time. Designed for use within that month or stored inside a Tupperware container with some rice for longer shelf life.

If you are interested in a small quantity of just 2 bullets or a large quantity of party bagged bullets there are listing elsewhere on the Website.

    £7.65 Regular Price
    £7.00Sale Price
    Scent: Mango & Coconut

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