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Top tips for great bath art

So you've bought a showstopper bath bomb and you want to get the most bath art out of it. Well follow these tips and get the wow effect.

Run your bath with hot plain water. Turn off the tap and wait till the water is still. For best results don't add other elements like bubble bath or soaps to the water first as these can interfere with the bombs ability to float.

Hold the bomb flat in your hand and slowly lower it down to the water. Hold it at the surface of the water until you think it's floating ok by itself.

Some bombs take a couple of minutes before the bath art beings. The art comes from little coloured sugar cubes called embeds inside the bomb. Just wait as the surface burns away to reveal the cubes. For the best results leave the bomb in the same place for a while to allow the colour to build up in the water. Once they are fully established you can start getting creative! For bombs with embeds along one side like the rainbow cloud, a gentle tap to 1 corner of the bomb can create this arc rainbow effect.

Bombs like the black star have embeds at every corner so once you let the colour build up then very lightly spin the bomb every now and then for this spiral effect.

The "boom" bomb also has a different colour all around the edges. So you can create a spin effect or just let it build up colour in one place and use your hands to gently swoosh around the colours and get swirly tie-die patterns like this.

Not all bombs are made equal and the prices reflect this. The jelly bean star is the top of the price bands as it's got a multicoloured surface and loads of embeds inside. The popular gamer controller shapes are mid market prices but don't have any embeds so you will only get the surface colours in the bath. If you ever want to know what a bomb will do in the bath then have a flick through my social media videos or just ask and I'll let you know.

While all the ingredients are safe for kids to touch and hold in the bath, for best results for bath art get them to watch outside of the bath until the bomb is finished.

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