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June '24 Subbox - One off purchase

June '24 Subbox - One off purchase

Inside you will receive:

4 shaped bath art filled bath bombs RRP £4.50-5.50 each

1 pirates treasure chest filled with coins, gems and 7-9 colour bullet mini bombs RRP £8

1 pack of blow boats from clockwork soldier RRP £3.50

The pamper version has a pouch of bath salts instead of the blow boats.


This listing is for a stand alone 1 off box. It will include everything the subscribers would have received. This is a full price box with no recurring payments.

To get our best value why not join our subbox subscription! Save big on this box and many others! Plan's start at £25/month with FREE shipping!

    £31.50 Regular Price
    £30.00Sale Price

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